This is your invitation to experience

sacred transformation

through the unique process of SoulCollage®...

through mindfulness and strength-based therapy...

through beholding creation and becoming who you are meant to be...

We Are Learning to Embrace

Who we are

Learning to embrace who we are means to acknowledge that we are all journeyers that have individual stories and pathways. The labyrinth is a symbol of how we can be on both a personal and a collective journey to find the center - that which allows us to experience grounding and sacred transformation. For some of us, this may be a religious or spiritual awakening. Others may find this sense of wonderment in creation or nature.


Through practices such as creating SoulCollage® cards, mindfulness and guided meditation, and strengths-based approaches to therapy, Sacred Transformation is here to walk alongside you. 

The Heart of an Artist
Kiss the Boy
Let Us
The Arms of a Starfish
Stay Close to People